Miss Kindergarten is a long time blogger.  She uses her blog to help educators find resources, spruce up their curriculum and as a link to other bloggers.  I have read several of her post and for me she is a motivator to find fun and exciting activities.

This is Ms. Kolis.  She is an Intervention Specialist who loves spending time with all of her classroom children!  She uses her blog to keep parents informed.  She has links to the children’s home rooms.  She has links to resources that may help a parent who are  just starting the educational process.

This is Jonelle Bell.  She is a Kindergarten teacher who uses the blog to teach others about her, her classroom and her students.  Her blog was inspired by the book called “A Place Called Kindergarten” by Jessica Harper.


Blogging for me is more about what I can learn from others.  I am just moving to Kindergarten, so as I was searching for these blogs, I found myself wondering how I would use materials.  I loved seeing the creativity that is put into some of the blogs.  It increased my excitement and  anticipation in what is to come.