This was a paper written on White Boards.  I am not well educated on white boards and I will be using them next school year.  This paper gave me some insight on some research that has been done and how the boards influence students learning.  It the paper, the conclusion of the research was, the boards have a positive effect on being able to accommodate a variety of learning styles.  The increase student engagement.  They also enhance student understanding.

I wanted to make this assignment relevant for what I am going to be using.  Our school district is in the process of building a new elementary, and restructuring a Pre K and K  building.  The school district has a bid out for new white boards in both buildings.  The white boards the district would like to get are the Epson Short Throw (don’t have a model number)

This is a video of an elementary teacher describing how she uses an Epson devise.

This is a link to the Epson Home page.  It has multiple resources/videos on their products.  This is a manufactures home pages, so I also want to keep in mind that they want to sell the products, so they are showing the great features.

This link I used for checking out some reviews on the Epson Classroom Projectors.  Two of their products were in the top five for reviews.  Hopefully we get a quality projector for my new classroom!