Early Ed. Watch



This pod cast is over a year old.  I am attempting to learn updated information about Kindergarten so I can be the best teacher I can be, as the new school year begins.  What I learned from this pod cast is that not all 50 states mandate all day Kindergarten for their students.  In fact, only 10 states require all day Kindergarten.  This is amazing information because the new Common Core Standards apply to all Kindergarteners.  That means in some states, children may only be getting 2-3 hours of content a day compared to others who receive 5-6 hours.  Over the course of a year, this amount of time adds up.  The NAYEC has also been advocating that states require just as many hours in Kindergarten as in First grade.  Even though it is not mandated, some school districts offer all day programs at their own cost.  Some districts use tax payer monies, others charge tuition for an full day program, each child should be offered the same in every state.

This pod cast was hosted by Lisa Guernsey

Kristie Kauerz, project director of PreK-3rd Education at the University of Washington and Harvard University, and

Cathy Grace, director of early childhood development at the Children’s Defense Fund.

There were not any new technology discussed, however, finding a professional podcast was more difficult then I had imagined.  I would like to add this to my 15 minute drive to work, I also would like to increase my knowledge base, however, I am not sure I have found quality, up to date podcast or home pages for them.